2018 Artists

Walking Papers, The High Children, Trio Abaraka, 12 Foot Breed  & Paul Filinson

This year’s event will kick off at 6:00 in the Musicquarium Lounge setting the mood with an acoustic jam by Paul Filinson & 12 Foot Breed, an “unplugged” sound forged from Brandt Parke, lead guitarist of 2017’s Plunge act Mister Master.  Accompanied with Michael Parent this will be an awesome segue way to our main stage.

Kicking off the main stage @ 8:00 we will be bring a bit of culture to the cause this year utilizing kora, voice, hand percussion, and drumset, Trio Abaraka as they play arrangements of West African Mandinka music.

The High Children are a hip hop act, Jayson Ramos and Jamal Allen, endorsed by the Seattle hip hop icon Nasty Nes,  they have been consistently hitting the charts and are well on their way to greater success.

The Clean Water Foundation‘s Leon McLaughlin, now a key parter with Plunge, will speak his message. He is now convinced that through the love of music we all can make a direct impact on this water crises! Hear his message.

Headlining the event, Walking Papers, formed by Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson of The Missionary Position have made recent headlines with the release of Walking Papers sophomore album WP2. Joining the lineup as they gear up for their European tour with Alice in Chains, 10 Miles Wide drummer Will Andrews, Dan Spalding – bass, Tristan Hart Pierce – guitar and Gregor Lothian. Be ready for some amazing music magic on stage! With the release of their second album and being the midst of their world tour, Plunge is very proud to have Walking Papers supporting our cause.

All this with a little bit of CYRCUS.ORG sprinkled over top!!!