Our Cause

PlungeFest’s history is rooted in a deep desire to address the poor water conditions around the world

Proceeds proudly support Water.org and Clean Water Foundation (CWF) as two established and excellent charities dedicated to solving this problem.

All net proceeds from the event are donated to these two organizations.  

Increased Ambitions

In 2018, our ambitions are to increase our sponsorships, promote our event through our collaboration with CWF, attract more attendees, continue to bring cutting edge fresh musical acts,  and showcase some of the best venues in town.

We want to increase the visibility of the Plunge Music Festival in our local community, and raise significantly more funds to distribute to our partners at Water.org and CWF.

We have already started promoting Plunge Music Festival 2018 and we were recently at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center launch, where CWF was honored for having deployed their water filtration systems in 22 third world countries, with the help of the Peace Corps, around the world.

Water Sponsorships

Our 2018 Plunge sponsors enjoy excellent opportunities to reach a diverse, dedicated, audience with high discretionary income levels who love music and have an unwavering commitment to environmental concerns like the global water crisis. Sponsorships include advertising impressions promoting the event prior, during and after the concert. Being a sponsor with Plunge makes available a tremendous amount of exposure for your business to this dedicated, environmentally committed community. We have a limited number of corporate sponsorships available to organizations and individual philanthropists that want to contribute and partner with us.